Gravity Lock olive oil 600mg THC per bottle

​Rice Crispy

Chocolate P. Butter Chocolate and peanut butter cereal 170mg THC

Flower infused extra virgin olive oil. Already activated ,ready to go, and easy to dose!

Original Mellow Madness   Fruity and rice cereal mix  170mg THC

Cheese Hitz 150mg THC

  • Best edible - 805 Oilers Fest 2015
  • Cracker of the year - Edibleslist magazine 2015 

Pot Stix 150mg THC

  • Best Edible - Stoners Cup 2016

Caramel Popcorn 150mg THC

  • Top 15 California edibles - Hightimes 2014


  • ​Best edible - Abracadabs 2016

​Gravity Lock olive oil


Cheese Hitz     Pot Sticks    Caramel Popcorn​

Fudge Brownie 

180mg THC

Oatmeal Raisin

2 per pack 120mg THC

Chicken and potato empanada 2 per box 50mg THC ea.


Mini Mellow  

any flavor of your choice 85mg THC

  • Top 10 LA edibles - Hightimes 2014
  • Best Edible - Hightimes LA Cannabis Cup 2016

P. Butter & chocolate candies 

2 per pack 120mg THC

​Chicken Empanadas

Gluten-less Chocolate  All Chocolate rice crispy (gluten free) 170mg THC

​Fudge Brownie

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Goodies By

Chocolate Chip Cookies

2 per pack 120mg THC

Trix Mellow Madness   Trix Cereal 170mg THC

Xtra Strength  Fudge Brownie 

220mg THC

Double Fudge Cookie 

2 per pack 120mg THC

All MaGooch products are infused with our Gravity Lock olive oil.

  • Top 10 LA Edibles - Hightimes LA cannabis cup 2016

Gluten-less Fruity      All fruity rice crispy (gluten free) 170mg THC